The House of Tillett burns down.

Sadly, we have to report that so much of the precious Memorabilia, Photos and Music Stock of Louis Tillett lies in ashes, after a House Fire. There will be some time of recovery and deep thought after this shocking event.

But, we are trying to make the best of things and to keep moving forward.

In true Louis Tillett style...he jokes about being "Condemned to Live"...since he was absent when the fire took place. It could have easily have taken his life, instead of his life's work and possessions. 

To try to bring some life to the (Virtual) House of Tillett...we have created a Discount called FIRESALE15 - to be typed in at Checkout to apply a 15% Discount.

Make the most of it. Enjoy. And let's be thankful that his precious Master Tapes were safely stored at the National Film and Sound Archives, so that his music will be heard for generations to come.

But, for now, this Store and his Websites are the only repositories of his Living Memorabilia.

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